Every organization and its processes face the possibility of disruption. From planned events such as IT infrastructure maintenance and office removals to those that strike completely without warnings – such as epidemics, fires, or natural disasters.

Therefore, in parallel with technological innovations, it is necessary to introduce solutions that will protect the company data.

Thanks to the services that Intratel implements on its own cloud infrastructure, the continuity of your business will be maintained, your remote work will be effective and your company’s data security will be preserved.


safe remote work

Remote deskop

Thanks to the workstations server solution all programs, files and important data can be installed in one virtual location. With the appropriate permissions, users can display and process all these resources by connecting to a remote desktop from any place with Internet access.

How it works?

A dedicated Windows Server virtual machine is added to the client domain. On the server, accounts are created in the company domain for each user and underlying working software is installed. After the permissions are granted, the system is ready to work.


All data and applications are centrally located on the server, easy to secure by the backup system;
there is a possibility to create common catalogs and a set of applications for users.


We can suggest creating a rotating machine with a terminal server based on Windows Server. Optionally, with a connection to an existing server of the client domain if the client has a local AD (Active Directory) domain. Configuration of the environment components and granting permissions requires about 1 working day for our engineer (about 1100 PLN). The price of the virtual machine from about 552 zł (4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD) + about 30 zł per user / month. If the company does not have its local AD domain or additional activities are required, we can prepare and configure the full environment, including the AD server.

Transfer applications to the cloud

The application cloud environment enables local connection and work on applications installed on a virtual machine – e.g. CRM, accounting programs or time recording.

How it works?

A virtual machine is created with required software, on the One Step Cloud resources. Then, individual users can have access to it over the Internet or VPN.


Remote access to software from any location;
Secure connection;
Short implementation time.


The price for a virtual machine depends on the required server power and operating system. Software installation and sharing can be done by the user or configured by our engineers.

Transfer of infrastructure to the cloud

The cloud gives almost full independence from the physical infrastructure and its biggest drawbacks, which is susceptibility to destruction and aging of equipment. In One Step Cloud data is stored safely and 100% reproducible.

How it works?

After the audit of the infrastructure, appropriate virtual machines are created, which represent the infrastructure and are then transferred to the cloud environment. On such prepared infrastructure software is installed, access accounts and permission structures are created.


The virtual infrastructure can be 100 percent optimized and adapted to the customer’s needs.


Depending on the need and appearance of the company’s infrastructure, the solution may require creating more than one virtual machine. We design and move and configure the entire environment, which is determined directly in close cooperation with our client.


Polish enterprise class cloud


One Step Cloud – polish enterprise class cloud

One Step Cloud are flexible computer resources for your company, which you use without having to buy and maintain physical infrastructure.

One Step Cloud is: 

  • Data centers equipped with state-of-the-art Dell Technologies solutions
  • Technology based on VMware – the most widely used standard for virtualization
  • Professional support in the process of deployment and integration with the cloud
  • Data located in Poland and protected in accordance with European Union law
  • Data security guaranteed by ISO 9001, 27001 and 27018 certificates
  • Linear billing model and full flexibility of infrastructure parameters selection

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