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One Step Cloud is a product of Intratel – an integrating company with experience dating back to 1997. We are experts in the field of security solutions and data availability. We provide, integrate and implement information technologies of leading manufacturers, we are, among others a VMware partner and Dell Platinum Partner. More about our services, technical and engineering capabilities at www.Intratel.pl


One Step Cloud Cloud is a way for flexible use of computing resources without having to buy and maintain your own infrastructure. The resources such as processors, memory and disk space in One Step Cloud can be used through an easy-to-use portal, easily changing the size and level of resource use. One Step Cloud also allows you to create a hybrid cloud. In this model, client resources are integrated with the resources of our Data Center (learn more about security standards and certificates). Such integrated resources can be used to safe data processing, running applications, systems and services owned by the client.



The main benefit is the elimination of large one-off costs associated with the purchase of infrastructure and its maintenance.
The second advantage is flexibility – the client pays exactly as many resources as he uses – you can suspend activities, e.g. for the night or for the weekend. The resources can be increased and decreased every hour, precisely adapting to the current demand.


Yes, if you want to reconcile data security and cost control. Example: To buy a new equipment, you need to spend about 100,000. PLN for servers. Additionally, there are the costs of cooling, power, security and all the rest of the infrastructure. At OSC, we pay only a part of this cost every month (e.g. PLN 1000 / month), and suppier handles data security.

The option to buy leasing machines is beneficial. Yet, extra costs such as maintenance, monitoring the warranty, service, employment of specialists are still incurred. One Step Cloud customers don’t need to think about any of these things.


Our cloud is based on VMware – on which you create your servers.
At any time, you can transfer all your resources to another cloud or install them on your own servers and arrays in the company.

Location in Poland
Our Data Center is located in Poland and meets high security standards guaranteed, among others ISO certificates
Engineering care
One Step Cloud is based on many years of experience of Intratel engineers. We guarantee the migration of the entire infrastructure at a price and support specialists in not only the cloud, but also networks and servers. They are always available over the phone, without any intermediaries in the call center.
Fair rules
We do not limit the use of infrastructure. We do not reduce performance when overuse of equipment to force the customer to buy more resources. We have the ability to manage centrally. We have clear billing rules and give you the opportunity to try out the infrastructure free of charge. We also provide an API for environmental management so that the client can only use the equipment at certain times, controlling his costs.

All you need to do is create an account at onestepcloud.pl, connect the card and it’s ready! You can also use the start code in exchange for the phone number to which we will send the code. Do you need an individual approach? Write a message to sales@onestepcloud.pl

System and management

  • OpenSUSE
  • ArchLinux
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Fedora
  • Windows Server
Orchestration is the ability to manage your virtual environment remotely. In conjunction with the central management through the Portal, it’s possible to manage many environments at once, manage machines in many regions or change the network settings of a selected region.


Virtual machines

Thanks to One Step Cloud, you can create a virtual machine  based on VMware, which are created on the infrastructure in our Data Center. We also have the option of renting dedicated machines, where these are dedicated servers for the client’s needs. You can use such a machine continuously or for hours.


It is a physical server with appropriate parameters that are not shared with other clients.

These are mainly servers with GPUs that are used to perform demanding calculations. We can configure the equipment for the customer, arbitrary way. If there is a need, we are able to provide equipment available through the onestepcloud.pl portal.

Yes, we will place it in our Data Center and make it possible to use it as conveniently and quickly as before.


You can: add disk capacity.
You cannot: reduce disk capacity. This could result in data loss. An alternative is to add a new disk with a smaller capacity, migrate the data, and remove the larger disk from the machine.


Yes, you can add and remove disks. It is important to delete any data on the disk when removing it.

HDD, SSD, SATA backup and tape libraries

Computing power

Yes, you can add and subtract CPUs during the month. This changes the hourly billing for the machine.

Yes, you can add and subtract RAM throughout the month. This changes the hourly billing for the machine.
Upward shift increases consumption from the current hour, downward shift from the beginning of the next hour.
Switching off the machine works in the same way.




We determine a backup policy individually with the client. We have various tools adjusted to the client’s needs, i.e. Networker or Veeam Cloud Connect. The clients cannot manage the backup via the portal by themselves, but this is done in consultation with the One Step Cloud engineers.The client can set any time via HelpDesk.



Yes, there is a backup to tape option. The tape has a capacity of 6 TB, made per client.



After reporting to the HelpDesk – the virtual machine is restored to the version from the last backup (free of charge) or it is possible to create another virtual machine based on this copy.

The consistency of the data in the databases is on the client’s side. Snapshots can always be taken from the client.


The VPN provided to each virtual environment uses SSL-VPN technology.

Windows Mac or Linux operating system.

If the user needs more than 100 users, find out if it’s better for the client to create a VPN.

It’s a matter of fixed link, to be agreed with the client.


Regions / clusters

You can select the PL-BIA or USA-SantaClara Region. At the time of the selection of the region we decide on the physical storage of data in a given region, which is associated with fees based on your location. We recommend setting up a virtual machine in a predetermined region that is closest to the end user.

We have special clusters depending on the user’s needs, for what purposes the given machine will be used. Some are designed for data archiving, and some for obtaining the best computational results. We also have a cluster dedicated to Microsoft products to achieve the best price benefits when using the hardware.


We share one public IP address. Additionally, you can buy public IP addresses. Prices are included in the calculator.

Price list

All prices are available in the calculator. You can check the applicable prices at any time and choose the appropriate parameters



  • Access to the onestepcloud.pl portal

  • Creation of a virtual machine in a selected Data Center in Poland and / or the USA.

  • Environment migration to the cloud

  • Possibility to create and manage virtual machines created by you based on VMware technology

  • Placing a virtual machine on Enterprise class equipment by DELL Technologies

  • Possibility to choose an operating system pre-installed on a virtual machine

  • Easy operation and machine management

  • Access to reports

  • Possibility to rent dedicated machines

  • Ability to import an external drive

  • Possibility to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure

  • Access to the virtual machine console in certain cases

  • One Public Address

  • Unlimited number of VPN connections to the virtual machine

  • Free transfer up to 1 TB (sent), then paid PLN 0.2 for 10 GB.

  • Access to the Polish service by telephone and by e-mail

  • Access to the website in Polish

  • API access

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