Try One Step Cloud

The more information we have, the better decisions we can make. That is why One Step Cloud provides its potential customers with a startup code worth PLN 25 to test the functioning of the portal and infrastructure. 

You only need to:

  • register (for free)
  • confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the email
  • consent to the processing of the information
  • provide a phone number to which we’ll send a code via SMS – 25 PLN to start

After completing these steps, you can check the functioning of our portal by creating virtual machines based on VMware and Dell EMC solutions.

You create

In OSC you can create a virtual server (VPS) based on operating systems such as Ubuntu, Microsoft, Windows Server, Centos, Debian, etc.

You edit

You can increase or decrease computing resources, add or remove disks, thereby changing the amount of disk space needed for the functioning of your machine.

You manage

You manage the virtual environment yourself, publish services, and communicate with your virtual environment via VPN, which we provide the price.

Your payment depend on the consumption

You settle with us hourly for the use of the equipment, and the shared API allows the software to turn machines on and off on the hours you need.

Check the price of your machine in our calculator and register to see how easy to use a portal to cloud services can be.

Register and start managing your virtual environment now.